The Arctic Futures Symposium - 28 November 2018

The 2018 Arctic Futures Symposium will take place on Wednesday, 28 November at the Residence Palace in Brussels.  Further information about the content and themes of the 2018 Symposium will be published in the coming weeks.  Please check back often for updates!

Konrad Steffen

“We actually learned that science alone does not solve a problem. We have to translate our science and talk to people who make policy.”

Konrad Steffen - Director, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research
Olav Orheim

“By selecting topical issues Arctic Futures has become a very useful meeting place for a variety of persons engaged in Arctic affairs”

Olav Orheim - Chairman, GRID-Arendal

Registrations for this event have not opened yet.

Registrations will open about two months before the Symposium.

Partner organisations

We would like to thank all partner organisations for helping to make the 2017 symposium possible.